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What We Do.

Founded in 1995, Matara UK work hard to deliver an unbeatable range of pneumatic and linear automation products, backed up with technical expertise, market leading value and a clear commitment to customer service.

From our headquarters in Gloucestershire, our team manufacture and supply to a wide portfolio of customers across all sectors of industry. From automotive to aerospace, food to pharmaceuticals, our reputation has grown as the partner of choice for service, delivery and peace of mind.

As a privately owned business, we are able to operate on a more flexible basis than others in our sector and we know that our clients appreciate this as they see the direct benefit in areas such as;

  • Consistent pricing policies
  • Direct relationships with key personnel and management
  • Short and effective lines of communication

ISO Standard Company

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Matara have achieved ISO9001:2015 accreditation. This means that as a company Matara has the “ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.”

Large Machine Shop Facility

The Matara machine shop is home to no less than five HAAS CNC machines. This includes our HAAS DS30SSY twin spindle machine that allows for the machining of up to 80 ballscrews per day. Furthermore, our range of saws allows for specified lengths of linear rail and aluminium extrusion to be cut, in order to suit your application.

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ball screws vs lead screws- machine shop
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Aluminium Extrusion Frames
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In-House Technical Design

Manufacturing is at the heart of everything we do supported by our own in-house design team and our overseas partners. Whether designing an Aluminium Extrusion Frame, a Ballscrew Actuator, a Flange for a belt drive or a complete modular aluminium frame, our design engineers use the latest parametric software from Solidworks allowing our customers to visualise their designs in real time.

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Our Partners

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PMI GROUP was established in 1990. It’s highly involved in the manufacturing of Linear Rail, Linear Guides, Ballscrews and Actuators.

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TBI MOTION TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD., is a specialised manufacturer of linear motion products in Taiwan. The TBI range includes precision Ball Screws, Ball Splines and Actuators.

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Mindman Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1979 with the aim to provide high quality pneumatic automation components for a wide variety of industries. The Mindman range includes Pneumatic Cylinders, Pneumatic Valves, Air Preparation Units, Fittings and Tubing.

Experienced Engineers

Engineering runs through the veins in every department of Matara. Whether it is on-site visits from our Field Sales Engineers, CAD support from our Design Engineers or product machining by our Assembly and Machine Engineers, our team can help take your project from concept to completion.

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Matara UK | Supplier of linear automation components
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Fast Lead Times

Located just off of the M5 in Gloucestershire, Matara UK is situated within the bustling Tewkesbury Business Park. With a 29,000 sq.ft factory complex, a large stock of linear and pneumatic automation components and key local & national transport links, Matara can provide you with a fast and efficient service.

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