Magnetically Coupled Cylinders

The Dynamics Of Movement

If you work in the business of electronics manufacturing, then you’ll know all too well the demand for rodless cylinder parts. Depending on your production line, you may need access to parts urgently, so being able to rely on a company who can produce pneumatic parts in quick time is vital. If you’re looking for a UK based company who can supply you with magnetically coupled rodless cylinders, Matara UK Ltd are here to help.

Magnetically Coupled Cylinders

We stock a wide range of Magnetically Coupled Cylinders, most of whichcan be produced within the same day. Our unguided rodless pneumatic cylinders include the PLF series, PL-00 series and the PL-Duo series, all of which are used in high temperature environments and feature slow speed grease allowing smoother movement. What’s more is that we also stock mindman magnetic rodless cylinders, guided rodless cylinder and braked rodless cylinders.

When you choose us, you’re choosing a well-established company who have over 20 years experience to offer. Renowned for our same day build and despatch service, all our products are made in our HQ in Gloucestershire by our fantastic team.

Browse our website today to view our full range of linear and pneumatic products, or get in touch via the contact form on our website for any questions.