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An introduction to aluminium profiles

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Aluminium profiles are made by extruding aluminium billets through a tooling die at high temperatures, forming the desired shape through the use of the appropriate tool. The extruded profile is then cooled and cut to length. Aluminium extruded profiles are used for a whole raft of applications across all industries, from transportation to electronics, from construction to energy storage. Aluminium profiles are also commonly used in manufacturing environments and workshops, where they can be used to create workstations, benches and storage solutions. This guide looks…
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Rubix UK has acquired Matara

Rubix UK has acquired Matara – a specialist supplier of industrial automation products to UK industry – as part of the Group’s network development strategy. Matara’s focus on linear automation components…
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Matara UK COVID-19 Statement

We would like to inform our customers that in light of the government announcement on 23.03.2020, Boris Johnson communicated that a huge national effort is required to halt the spread…
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