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Matara UK are Mindman Pneumatics' Exclusive Partner in the UK and Ireland for over 20 years

Mindman Pneumatics are Taiwan’s number one pneumatic and hydraulic industry provider. They manufacture a wide range of pneumatic automation products including: Pneumatic Pressure Switches, pressure gauges and digital pressure gauges, Filter Regulator Lubricator Units (FRL Units), Pallet control systems, fittings and tubes.

They also play a progressive and active role by providing customers with the best after service, and diversification of product lines, including excellent quality, extremely competitive price, cost effectiveness, and prompt delivery and will continue to provide both domestic and overseas clients with much better quality and service.

Solenoid valves including multi connector system, Pilot and Mechanical Valves and a range of Pneumatic Cylinders.

Mindman also supply Slide Rails and Tables, Electric Actuators, Grippers and Rodless Cylinders and Rotary Actuators.

The auxiliary products include jet coolers, sensor switches and check valves, shock absorbers, hydraulic speed controllers and stainless steel fittings.

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