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Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuators are the core components of many production, machine, and automation systems, and as such, reliability, accuracy, and repeatability are often the prerequisites of any pneumatic actuator system. Here at Matara, we have the capability and expertise to design and manufacture a range of actuator system solutions, including pneumatic actuators, to suit the requirements of your industrial setting. Read on to find out more about actuator systems and our range of pneumatic accessories.

What is an actuator system?

A pneumatic actuator system consists of a number of key parts, all of which work together to move a load from one area to another. These key components are one or numerous belts, linear ball screws, or linear electric actuators; motors; gearboxes; and control units to move the actuators along the X, Y, or Z axes. Internal and external linear guide systems use linear rails and carriages.

These all work harder to convert the control signal, powered by a hydraulic or pneumatic motor, to move items from one area to another. For any actuator system to perform consistently at its optimum level, it needs the correctly specified motor, linear gearbox, couplings, and control system to accompany it.

What are the key types of pneumatic actuators?

There are predominantly three main types of actuator systems, all of which are defined by the source of power that they use to control the movement of objects from one place to another.

Electric actuators

Electric actuators rely on electrical energy to move objects in a straight line. They operate by moving a piston back and forth with force based on electrical signals and are often used for movements such as pushing, pulling, lifting, ejecting, clamping, and descending.

Hydraulic actuators

This type of actuator operates in a similar way to an electric actuator in that it generates a mechanical movement in a straight line. The difference here, however, is that hydraulic actuators do this through an unbalanced pressure that is applied with hydraulic fluid to a piston in a hollow cylinder that will lead to torque strong enough to move the object.

Pneumatic actuators

Often considered to be one of the most cost-effective and simplest forms of actuator system available on the market, pneumatic rotary actuators work by using compressed air to create movement, either by extending or retracting a piston. However, pneumatic actuators also use a carriage that runs on a driveway or a cylindrical tube to move an object. The retraction of the piston is either done through a spring or through the use of a fluid to build up pressure.

What should you consider when selecting an actuator system?

When you are looking to implement an actuator system within your industrial application, there are a number of key things that you must take into account. These are:

The movement that is required, and whether it is linear or pneumatic rotary actuators
The energy input that you will be using
The level of precision that you need the actuator to achieve
The amount of force required to move the item from one area to another
How far the object or item needs to move with the assistance of the actuator system
The speed at which you want the actuated movement to move
The operating environment and any external factors that may affect the actuator systems operation such as corrosive environments
The mounting style you would like to implement.

All of these factors are important when considering which actuator system is most suitable for use in your application. If you are interested in learning more about how to choose the correct type of actuator for your application, why not read our technical article on the subject?

Buy actuator systems from Matara

Here at Matara, we are proud to have worked extensively with the industry-leading brand Yaskawa for more than 10 years. We are one of their preferred system integrators, and together we work to provide all aspects of an actuator system, from single components right the way through to complete packages.

Whether it’s a servo motor, inverter drive unit, or coupling, our engineers can offer the technical support and product recommendations you need to support your application. All of this is backed up by technical experts at Yaskawa. We can also work with you to find the correct gearbox for your application through Wittgenstein.

To learn more about our range of actuator system products available, speak to one of our helpful team members who will be able to assist. Contact us today at +44 (0)1684 850 000 or email sales@matarauk.co.uk

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Product Code: MTB

MTB Series Internally Guided Belt Driven Linear Actuator

Product Code: MTS

MTS Series Externally & Internally Guided Belt Driven Linear Actuator

Product Code: MTE

MTE Series Externally & Internally Guided Belt Driven Linear Actuator

Product Code: MTF42

MTF42 Series Belt Driven Linear Actuator

Product Code: CTJ

CTJ Series Belt Driven Linear Actuator

Product Code: MTZ

MTZ Series Externally & Internally Guided Belt Driven Linear Actuator

Product Code: CTV

CTV Internally Guided Ballscrew Driven Actuator

Product Code: MTV

MTV Internally Guided Ballscrew Driven Actuator

PNCE Rod Type Ballscrew Actuator
Product Code: PNCE

PNCE Rod-Type Electric Ballscrew Driven Actuator

KM - KM.png
Product Code: KM

KM Series Ballscrew Driven Actuator

Product Code: SGM7A

SGM7A Series 400V AC Servo Motor/Drive

Product Code: SGM7J

SGM7J Series 200V AC Servo Motor/Drive

Product Code: NP

NP Series Gearbox

Product Code: SKK

SKK Series Elastomer Coupling

Product Code: SKL

SKL Series Elastomer Coupling

Connecting Rod
Product Code: SWA-EE

SWA-EE Series Aluminum Connecting Rod

Product Code: SWE-EE

SWE-EE Series Stainless Steel Connecting Rod

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