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Actuator Systems

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Linear actuators are the core component of many production, machine and automation systems and as such reliability, accuracy and repeatability are often the pre-requisites of any unit. Matara design and build many of its Belt and Ballscrew units in house. Belt drives use proven AT Steel Core Belting with precision pinions as well as PMI Linear Rails & Carriages.

For any actuator to perform consistently at its optimum level it needs the correctly specified motor, gearbox coupling and control system. Matara have worked extensively with Yaskawa for more than 10 years and are one of its preferred system integrators and together we are able to provide single components or complete packages. Whether it’s a Servo motor, inverter drive unit or coupling our engineers can offer technical support and product recommendations backed up by the world-wide organisation that is Yaskawa. If a gearbox is required we can specify this and through experience, work closely with Wittenstein.