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Gearboxes from Wittenstein UK Wittenstein UK have built a reputation for excellence in motion control products throughout the UK, including linear systems and servo systems, with linear gearboxes at the heart of their range. The range of Wittenstein UK gearbox actuators that Matara offer are ideal for applications that require cost-effective yet efficient solutions.

What are gearbox actuators?

The gearbox range from Wittenstein UK is a planetary gear assembly, which means that it is the type of gearbox where the input shaft and the output shaft are aligned. There is a central drive and orbiting gears transferring power to the outer ring gear that’s connected to the output shaft. Linear gearboxes are used as part of a motion control system, such as a gantry robot.

How are gearbox actuators used?

Gearboxes have several uses depending on the application they are used for, and the benefits of the actuator gearbox are dependent on how it is applied. They are most widely used as a speed reduction gearbox, to increase the torque output of a motor or actuator. However, they can also be used as an accelerator, to increase the speed. Reduction gearboxes are useful for increasing the accuracy of electrical motors and therefore allow very precise positioning.

What are the benefits of linear gearboxes?

In a planetary gearbox such as the models available through Matara from Wittenstein UK, the input torque is divided over the 3 planet gears, and therefore in the same physical dimensions the torque density is almost 3 times higher than a conventional gearbox. This provides you with more usable power in less space. Other benefits include low backlash due to the high surface area provided by the planet gears. Used in combination with a servo motor, gearbox actuators allow for very precise positioning.

Applications for planetary gearbox actuators

Planetary gears are used widely in many applications across a range of industries; you will find gearbox actuators in basic plant machinery, in gantry robot systems, in medical applications and in electric vehicles.

Wittenstein UK gearbox actuators from Matara

The alpha Value Line from Wittenstein UK is universally suitable: it represents the most economical solution whatever the requirements for driving any axis in virtually any industry. Each input or output interface for the alpha Value Line was developed as a compatible add-on for Wittenstein UK alpha‘s
existing high-end portfolio. By choosing from this range of linear gearbox, you profit from maximum design, mounting and operating flexibility.

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