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Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are a core component of many production machines and automation systems. This is why reliability, accuracy and repeatability are so important in manufacturing systems, making these solutions the prerequisite for many units. Here at Matara UK, we are experts in linear actuator design, working from our Gloucestershire machine shop to design and build an array of belt and ball screw units.

These belt drives use proven AT Steel Core Belting with precision pinions as well as PMI Linear Rails and Carriages. Having been machining ball screws for more than 15 years, here at Matara, we have the know-how to ensure that all of our ball screw linear actuator systems fit together quickly and efficiently to provide high levels of accuracy with zero backlash.

What is a linear actuator

A linear actuator is designed to move a load within a manufacturing or automation system, usually powered by hydraulic power, pneumatics or electricity. Our range of linear actuators are electric/motor powered and control driven. Linear actuators are suitable for use in applications that can include earth-moving equipment in construction or mining environments, as well as in applications that require tiny precision movements.

Linear actuator applications

Linear motor actuators and linear actuators are used in a range of industrial settings, such as overhead transport systems, machine tools and gantry robots. This is because linear actuators operate on a rail configuration that lends itself to stability, with low friction guidance. Linear actuators are also not limited to travel length when compared to other linear actuators, which makes them suitable for almost any industrial environment that needs a load to be moved in a straight line over a long distance.

Linear actuator design by Matara

Here at Matara, we are proud to have a well-established machine shop that allows us to deliver cost-effective linear actuator design and manufacturing to suit a range of industrial applications.

All of Matara’s linear actuators and linear motor actuators are available as single off the shelf units or as completely assembled modules or gantry’s. Units can be supplied without motors or control or as a complete package including couplings and flanges and sensors.

With more than 22 years of trading experience, Matara has qualified engineers who are able to service or build actuators quickly, efficiently and at extremely competitive prices. If you need any further advice regarding linear actuator and our linear actuator design service, speak to one of our helpful team.