In light of the Government announcement on 23.03.2020, we are offering a limited service purely for essential products which are required to keep the essential industries and their production equipment operational. If you are experiencing an emergency breakdown on Rodless Cylinders, Pneumatic Cylinders, Linear Rail or Ballscrews get in touch by telephoning:

James: 07876 882415

Tracey: 07979 527875

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Linear Actuators

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Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are the core component of many production machine and automation systems and as such reliability, accuracy and repeatability are often the pre-requisites of any unit. Matara design and build many of its Belt and Ballscrew units in house.

Belt drives use proven AT Steel Core Belting with precision pinions as well as PMI Linear Rails & Carriages.

Having been machining Ballscrews for more than 15 years Matara have the know, to ensure that their Ballscrew drives go together quickly and efficiently and provide high levels of accuracy with zero backlash.

All of Matara’s actuators are available as single off the shelf units or as completely assembled modules or gantry’s. Units can be supplied without motors or control or as a complete package including couplings and flanges and sensors. With more than 22 years of trading experience, Matara have qualified engineers who are able to service or build actuators quickly, efficiently and at extremely competitive price.