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Servo Motors

YASKAWA is one of the most highly regarded servo motor manufacturers, with global reach and a reputation for innovative motion control products, robotics and software. View our range of YASKAWA servo motor actuators, which complement our range of linear actuators. Partnered with our range o Wittenstein Gearboxes, our selection of couplings and aluminium extrusion, you can build a cost- effective, yet high quality gantry system.

What is a servo motor?

A servo motor actuator is a rotary actuator or a motor used within motion control applications. They enable precise control in terms of angular position, acceleration and velocity. Servo motor actuators are designed to be used in precision applications and usually consist of a suitable motor, gearbox, position sensor and a controller.

What is a servo motor made up of?

  • A servo motor actuator has 4 major components:
    Motor: an electric motor (either DC or AC) to provide high speed rotational motion.
  • Gear system: a small gearbox used to reduce the speed and increase the usable torque produced by the motor. The position sensor or encoder are usually attached to the output of the gear box.
  • Position Sensor: a device for measuring position of the final drive. This acts as the feedback in the closed loop for the controller.
  • Control circuit: controls the activation of the motor based on the sensor or encoder.

Benefits of a servo motor

Servo motor actuators are used to replace conventional motion control systems such as stepper motors or hydraulics and pneumatics, although they can be used in combination with such systems to create a pneumatic servo motor, for example, through integration of a pneumatic actuator with the servo’s feedback and control system. The reason that servo motors are so popular for such a wide range of industries is that they run smoothly, are low cogging and are compact relative to their torque output.

Other benefits include:

  • Highly efficient
  • Highly reliable
  • High accuracy
  • High acceleration
  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Smooth running

Servo motor actuators from Matara

Our standard options are the SGM7J and SGM7A, ideal for use in gantry systems. However, we can often tailor to your needs through our partnership with servo motor manufacturers combined with our in-house facilities and expertise. If you are unsure on the specification that you require, get in touch with our expert team today.

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Product Code: SGM7A

SGM7A Series 400V AC Servo Motor/Drive

Product Code: SGM7J

SGM7J Series 200V AC Servo Motor/Drive

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