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Sheet Material

What is Sheet Material?

Here at Matara, we offer three varieties of sheet material: Polycarbonate Sheets, Black MDF and Wire Mesh. These are often used in conjunction with aluminium extrusion profiles in order to create a variety of structures and components. They are typically attached to the profiles using mechanical fasteners like a T slot reducing profile panel,  mesh mounting block or panel mounting strip. This can depend, however, on the application as well as the desired aesthetic of the customer.

Polycarbonate Sheet Material

Also known as a PC sheet, Polycarbonate sheet material is a transparent thermoplastic that offers a unique combination of properties which make it highly versatile. 

Industry Applications of Polycarbonate Sheet Material

  • Machine guards and safety barriers: Protects personnel and equipment from debris, sparks and accidental contact.
  • Skylights and roof panels: Provides natural daylight in factories and warehouses, improving energy efficiency and worker well-being. 
  • Signage and displays: Durable and weatherproof for outdoor advertising, information panels and safety signage.
  • Conveyor partitions: Maintains sterile environments in pharmaceutical, food processing and electronics industries.

What are the benefits of Polycarbonate Sheet Material

  • Impact resistance: Polycarbonate is incredibly tough, with 250 times the impact strength of glass of the same thickness. This makes it virtually unbreakable, and ideal for applications requiring safety and security.
  • Lightweight: Despite its strength, polycarbonate is significantly lighter than glass, making it easier to handle, transport, and install.
  • Transparency: Clear polycarbonate sheets are highly transparent, offering excellent light transmission, even better than some types of glass.
  • Durability: Polycarbonate is resistant to weathering, UV radiation, chemicals, and temperature extremes, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Workability: It can be easily cut, drilled, bent, and thermoformed into various shapes, making it suitable for diverse applications.

Wire Mesh Sheet Material

A welded or woven grid of thin metal wires, our wire mesh is available in a range of materials. So whether you’re application would benefit from stainless steel or aluminium sheet material, we can provide exactly what you need at Matara.

This sheet material is also available in a selection of thicknesses and mesh sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit to benefit your processes.

Industry Applications of Wire Mesh Sheet Material

  • Architectural fronts: Provides sun shading, privacy and a unique aesthetic for industrial buildings.
  • Machine enclosures: Protects equipment while allowing ventilation and visual access.
  • Safety railings and partitions: Create secure separation zones while maintaining visual openness.
  • Sifting and filtration screens: Separates different materials based on size and shape in various industrial processes.
  • Conveyor belt guards and walkways: Prevents falls and protects workers from moving machinery.

What are the benefits of Wire Mesh Sheet Material

  • Transparency: Allows air and light to pass through while offering varying degrees of visibility depending on mesh size.
  • Ventilation: Enables airflow without compromising security or aesthetics.
  • Security: This can act as a barrier or filter, depending on mesh size and configuration.
  • Decoration: Offers a unique visual texture and industrial aesthetic.

Contact Matara for Sheet Material

To speak to a qualified expert at Matara about our extrusion materials and how they can benefit your application, contact us at 01684 850000 or email us at sales@matarauk.co.uk.

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Product Code: POLYPANEL-

Polycarbonate Sheet – Cut to Size

£49.90 ex. VAT
(£59.88 inc. VAT)
Price Per Metre
Product Code: WIREMESH-

25mm Black Square Wire Mesh – Cut to Size

£32.00 ex. VAT
(£38.40 inc. VAT)
Price Per Metre
Product Code: BLACK MDF-

Black MDF Sheet – Cut to Size

£35.80 ex. VAT
(£42.96 inc. VAT)
Price Per Metre
Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm)
£49.90 ex. VAT
(£59.88 inc. VAT)
2050 3050 5
£32.00 ex. VAT
(£38.40 inc. VAT)
1250 2400 10
£35.80 ex. VAT
(£42.96 inc. VAT)
1220 2440 10

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