Auxiliary Equipment

Matara UK are able to offer a vast range of auxiliary equipment & accessories for our rodless cylinders, actuators, VDMA cylinders and many more products. Due to relocating to our 29,000sq.ft factory we now have an ease of access to local transport links, enabling us to offer short lead times.

Reed Switches auxiliary
Reed Switches
Female Rod Ends auxiliary
Female Rod Ends
MPS auxiliary
Pressure Switches
PU Tube auxiliary
PU Tube
Pneumatic Silencers auxiliary
Silencers & Check Valves
PLC Control System auxiliary
PLC Control System
Floating Joint auxiliary
Floating Joints
MF auxiliary
Air Press
Pneumatics Boosters auxiliary
Pneumatics Boosters
Exhaust Cleaner auxiliary
Exhaust Cleaner
Flow Control Valve auxiliary
Flow Control Valve
Hydraulic Speed Controls auxiliary
Hydraulic Speed Controls
Jet Cooler auxiliary
Jet Cooler
No Contact Transferts auxiliary
No Contact Transferts
Quick Exhaust auxiliary
Quick Exhaust Valves
Shock Absorbers auxiliary
Shock Absorbers
Shuttle Valves auxiliary
Shuttle Valves
Vacuum Generators auxiliary
Vacuum Generators

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