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Ballscrews and End Supports

Rolled & Ground Ballscrews and End Supports from TBI Motion

Of all the types of screws used in industry used for motion, Ballscrews provide unique benefits when compared to other standards, such as roller screws or acme screws.

Here are just four of the benefits to using ball screws in your future applications.

High Efficiency – Ball screws typically operate at a minimum of 90 percent efficiency, which makes them an optimal choice in converting rotary motion into precision linear motion.

Load Capabilities – A part of what makes ball screws versatile in so many industries is their ability to carry remarkably heavy loads at fast, efficient speeds.

Cost-Efficient – In the long run, ball screw systems can prove to be a cost-effective alternative to pneumatic or hydraulic systems, which require constant electrical and air power.

Rapid Delivery- Matara can machine both ends of a Ballscrew, turn, thread and mill within two hours.