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Ball splines are a type of linear motion control solution that is used to provide near frictionless linear motion control, whilst also allowing the linear motion solution to transmit torque simultaneously. Linear ball splines feature grooves along the length of the shaft for the ball bearings to run inside. The outer shell that houses the ball, called a bushing, is not free to rotate about the linear ball spline shaft but is free to travel up and down the shaft.

A rotary ball spline incorporates a rotating element on the outer diameter of the nut. This enables the ball spline to have not only linear motion control but rotary motion control. This causes the ball spline to act like a cross between a recirculating linear guide and a ball screw.

When you should use a ball spline

Linear ball splines are most frequently used in dual-shaft configurations to prevent the bearings from rotating as they ride on the shafts.

Since linear ball splines are inherently anti-rotation, they can be used in single-shaft configurations. Implementing a linear ball spline can lead to a smaller footprint in confined spaces, less physical weight, and easier assembly and alignment.

Rotary ball splines are also an excellent choice for linear and rotary motion control in one, with the spline shaft providing the vertical movement and the rotary bearing providing the rotational movement.

Which applications do ball splines suit?

Applications that need linear motion control, whilst also retaining a level of torque control, are excellent uses for ball splines. Common ball spline applications include:

Honing machines
Oil, gas and water exploration
Industrial automation
Packaging solutions

As a splined shaft manufacturer in the UK, Matara UK can create linear ball spline and rotary ball spline solutions for a wide range of applications.

TBI ball spline solutions from Matara UK

Here at Matara UK, we can supply the full range of TBI Motion Technologies’ ball spline range. That includes the SLF series ball spline range, the SLT series ball spline range, the SOF series ball spline range and the SOT series ball spline range. Read on to find out the key features of the TBI ball spline range.

High load-carrying capacity

Every groove on a TBI ball spline shaft is precision ground to form a perfect 40° angular contact point. The concept of the 40° contact design is to increase the load-carrying capacity and rigidity so that it can handle a greater moment load.

Zero angular clearance/backlash

Every groove on the TBI ball spline shaft is precision ground to form a perfect 40° angular contact point. This is called the ‘Gothic Arch’. The Gothic Arch design eliminates clearance that could generate deflections. This type of ball spline is therefore best-suited to applications that require maximum precision.

High sensitivity

The unique TBI Motion Technologies ball spline 40° angular contact is designed to drive with the minimum amount of friction force, whilst continuing to perform at the highest level of sensitivity and rigidity.

High Rigidity

TBI Motion Technologies ball splines combine a wide contact angle and an appropriate level of preload to provide high torque and moment rigidity.

EZY Mount on Design

TBI Motion Technologies ball splines are low maintenance. When the spline nut needs to be removed, the spline shaft will retain its design and shape. Unlike the traditional spline nut design.

Contact Matara – A splined shaft manufacturer in the UK

If you are looking for a splined shaft manufacturer in the UK, look no further than Matara UK. Our expert team is on hand to answer any questions you may have about rotary ball splines and linear ball splines.

Contact our team today on +44 (0) 1684 850 000 or email sales@matarauk.co.uk.

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