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Linear Motion

With over 23 years’ experience in the linear motion industry, Matara is the go-to company for cost-effective yet bespoke linear motion control solutions.

With a large UK stock of linear motion control automation components, including precision ground and rolled ball screws, power lead screws and linear guides and rails, we can offer you a complete solution for your project.

What is linear motion control?

Linear motion systems are used in industrial automation with one task in mind: to move parts of a machine in a straight line in a pre-determined and controlled manner. The most common solutions for linear motion control include ball screw linear actuators, lead screw actuators and lead screw drives.

Linear motion is used for various applications, including machine tools, assembling and packing, testing and inspection, and robotic systems. It works through the conversion of electrical energy via linear motor and is delivered through the combination of several technologies, including those mentioned above.

Benefits of linear motion

There are some outstanding benefits of linear motion control when compared to other control methods. Linear motion can improve an actuator’s acceleration value and, because of the mechanical connections, the movement is smooth.

Linear motion also guarantees the following:

  • High accuracy levels
  • Feedback can reach the sub-micron level easily
  • Simple and cost-effective maintenance
  • Moving parts at a minimum
  • Highly reliable due to lack of mechanical contact

When using linear motion, it is essential to ensure the proper alignment of your components to ensure they work as expected. If components are not correctly configured there will likely be issues with the acceleration.

Why choose Matara?

We have a well-established and ever-growing machine shop, enabling us to deliver custom, cost-effective machining options for your linear motion design.

We stock a range of linear motion control options, including lead screws and ball screw linear actuators, linear guides and rails. All of which are designed to be used in conjunction with a screw assembly or alternative linear motion drives.

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Product Code: MSD-9-LM-RR-FC-N

Size 9 Unflanged Wide Miniature Carriage to suit MSD Linear Rail

£45.92 ex. VAT
(£55.10 inc. VAT)
Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Carriage Type Rail Size
£45.92 ex. VAT
(£55.10 inc. VAT)
30 50.7 12 Unflanged 9

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