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Power Lead screws

Power Lead Screws from Matara UK

Our power lead screws deliver the reliable and efficient conversion of rotary motion into linear motion to provide extremely high accuracy and continuity within your application. Matara stocks a range of lead screws, including trapezoidal lead screws designed for industrial and precision-based applications. If you are looking for lead screws, choose Matara as your supplier.

What are power lead screws?

Power lead screws are used within motion control devices to convert rotary movements into linear motion. This occurs through the lead screw coming into direct contact with threaded bars of metal and a threaded nut within the device. When this occurs, it generates sliding friction, and the rotational movement will then turn the screw and move the nut along in a linear motion.

Here at Matara, we stock a range of power lead screws, including trapezoidal power lead screw options. We design our trapezoidal lead screws on a Carbon Steel unit that we manufacture from EN10084 C15E-1-1141, which has a surface hardness after rolling of 160-180HB. We also offer alternative standard steels and stainless steel INOX-AISI-304 and 316. Nuts are available in a variety of materials from steel through to bronze, brass and plastic.

Advantages of Lead Screws

There are many advantages of using lead screws within your applications. Some of the most common include:

  • High load-carrying capacity
  • Compact with minimal parts
  • Easy to design into a system
  • Smooth operation & quiet function
  • Low maintenance & longer service life

Which applications are power lead screws typically used in?

Power lead screws can be used for both vertical and horizontal movements. They also operate manually or motorised depending on the application they are working within. They are ideal for use within instrument grade applications.

When selecting a power lead screw, the key things to consider are the speed, thrust, accuracy, and repeatability of the application. Typical examples of these include the following:

  • Fluid Handling
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Data Storage
  • Life Science Equipment

If you are not sure or need further advice on which power lead screws are suitable for your applications, we have a team of friendly experts on hand to support you with your application. Simply contact our sales support team, and we will help advise you on the right lead screw.

Power Lead Screws from Matara

Matara’s power lead screws are designed and built in the UK. Our range is readily available, with a high UK stock holding. For low lead times and reduced downtime, choose Matara UK for lead screws.

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly, expert sales team.

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