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Rotary Ballscrews and Splines

Matara has been supplying rotary ball screws and splines to the linear motion industry for over 23 years. Whether off-the-shelf or bespoke to your application, make Matara your go-to for rotary ball screws and splines.

With a large UK stock of rotary ball screws, we will even fit them for you as part of our in-house ball screw machining service. Find your rotary ball screw solution with Matara.

What are rotary ball screws?

Rotary ball screws are designed to enable linear and rotational movement within one assembly. Rotary motion can be achieved simultaneously with linear movement, thanks to the symmetrical design of the outer ball and inner ball screw nut.

Within a rotary ball screw unit, the ball screw nut is combined with an angular support bearing. The contact angle can vary depending on the product, but the rotary ball screws that we stock here at Matara have a contact angle of 40 degrees within the bearing.

This enables self-aligning with the minor mounting area and bears a higher axial load to achieve better accuracy. Custom preload can be applied to reduce clearance and increase high rigidity.

Benefits of our rotary ball screws and splines

There are some outstanding benefits to our range of rotary ball screws and splines that will enhance the performance and efficiency of most applications.

Some of the benefits include:

  • High Speed / Smooth Running Performance – The rotary line uses a TBI motion super lead screw to maintain high speed with smoothness in performance.
  • Noise Reduction – The precision ground screw thread and spline groove make sure the ball bearings travel fluently during operations, reducing the skidding, friction, and noise level. Thus, increasing service life and performance.
  • Plug and Run / Compactness – TBI motion rotary line features a one-piece compact and easy mounting design.
  • Spline Alternative – Ball spline offers customised end journal according to print. Hollow spline is available on request for special operation environments in ventilation, piping, or weight reduction.

Why choose Matara?

Ranging from the RFBY and RFSY series to the RLBF and RLSF series, we stock a whole host of rotary ball screws and splines. Our shop is well-established, and you can order rotary ball screws and splines online to match your application requirements. 

Furthermore, you can also take advantage of our in-house ball screw machining service to speed up turnaround and reduce downtime for those urgent replacement jobs.

If you require any advice regarding rotary ball screws and splines, please get in touch with our expert team today.

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RFSY Series Rotary Ballscrew

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RFBY Series Rotary Ballscrew

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RLSF Series Rotary Ballspline

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RLBF Series Rotary Ballspline

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