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Here at Matara, we have been supplying the UK market with the very latest in pneumatic automation components for the last 23 years. As a key partner to Taiwanese manufacturer, Mindman, we have built up a strong reputation as a pneumatic cylinder supplier. We can supply a comprehensive core pneumatics range that is designed to suit a range of applications and industrial environments.

Air Preparation Products

View our range of air preparation products, including air filters, regulators and lubricators that are used to treat the air in compressed air systems. This includes FR and FRL combined units.

Our air preparation solutions treat air that is supplied by compressors. This can often become contaminated with dirt, oil or water whilst running through the compressed air system. Additionally, these air preparation systems work to ensure air is delivered at the correct pressure.

Air preparation products make up a large proportion of our core pneumatics range. Browse our selection of air preparation solutions.

Pneumatic Cylinder Suppliers

As recognised pneumatic cylinder suppliers, we have the expertise to design and deliver a wide range of Mindman solutions.

The majority of industrial applications rely on linear motion to assist them in the operating sequence. This is what makes pneumatic cylinders a popular choice for many industrial applications. They are often the most cost-effective way to accomplish this linear motion.

Thanks to our longstanding relationship with Mindman, we are proud to be expert pneumatic cylinder suppliers to UK manufacturers. Shop our range of pneumatic cylinders.

Polyurethane Tubing Products

Designed to work in conjunction with our core pneumatics selection, the Mindman polyurethane tubing range works to ensure the cleanliness of air within air preparation systems.

Browse our range of polyurethane tubing products now.

Solenoid Valves Manufactured by Mindman

Suitable for a range of industrial applications, our range of solenoid valves are designed to shut off, release, dose, distribute or mix fluids in a range of industrial applications.

As world-renowned solenoid valve manufacturers, Mindman can provide a solenoid valve solution for all applications. Browse our range of solenoid valves from Mindman.

Shop Core Pneumatics from Matara

With a large machine shop and factory complex, Matara is more than just a pneumatic cylinder supplier. We can build many of our pneumatic cylinder products in-house to create completely bespoke solutions.

These include:

Rodless pneumatic cylinders
Compact pneumatic cylinders

Plus, with a large UK stock of a range of pneumatic cylinders, air preparation products and solenoid valves, we can supply an extensive range of solutions for all your air preparation applications.

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Product Code: MINDMAN MAM

MAM Series Filter Precision Filter / Water Seperator Unit

Product Code: MINDMAN MADV

MADV Series Auto Drain Valve

Product Code: MINDMAN MAVS

MAVS Series Soft Start-up Valves

Images - MBS_T.png
Product Code: MINDMAN M**

MBS Series Digital Condensation Removal Timer

Product Code: MINDMAN MEF300

MEF300 Series Exhaust Cleaner

Product Code: MINDMAN MJBV

MJBV Series Silencer

Product Code: MINDMAN MSLC

MSLC Series Silencer Throttle Valve

Product Code: MINDMAN MVAS

MVAS Series Shuttle Valve

Product Code: MINDMAN MJC

MJC Series Jet Cooler

Product Code: MINDMAN MVVA

MVVA Series Vacuum Generator


MHPSC Series No Contact Transfer

Rod Mountings-PHS-MFC-min
Product Code: MINDMAN PHS

Rod Mountings – PHS/ MFC Series

Product Code: MINDMAN MPC

MPC Series Pilot Operated Check Valve


Pneumatic Boosters – MVBA-2100 / MVBAT Series

Product Code: MINDMAN MHB*

MHB* Series Pneumatic Booster

MHPD other Mindman Cylinders
Product Code: MINDMAN MHPD

MHPD Series Power Cylinder

PISCO Products
Product Code: PISCO UML

UML Series Coiled Pneumatic Tubing

Product Code: MINDMAN MCQA

MCQA Series

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