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Pneumatic Cylinders

At Matara UK, you can find the full range of Mindman pneumatic cylinders. With a large machine shop and factory complex, we’re able to build many pneumatic cylinders in-house within the UK. These include ISO VDMA, Rodless and compact pneumatic cylinders.

Combined with our range of air preparation units, pneumatic valves and auxiliary components, Matara can offer you the complete solution for your application.

What is a Pneumatic Cylinder?

A pneumatic cylinder is a mechanical device that uses compressed air to drive a piston inside a cylinder to move something along a linear path. They rely on air so do not have the associated risk of leakage and cross-contamination.

Pneumatic cylinders are a popular choice because they are often the simplest and most cost-effective ways to accomplish this linear motion.

As well as Mindman Pneumatic Cylinders, we also offer various other types of cylinders. They include ISO, compact, pneumatic air cylinders, double-acting pneumatic cylinders and more.

Pneumatic ISO Cylinders

Our range of pneumatic ISO cylinders, including ISO 15552 cylinders, is incredibly versatile. Our ISO cylinders can be used within a wide range of accessories and mountings, ensuring a perfect fit in any application. Pneumatic ISO cylinders contain polyurethane seals which allow for an efficient, low-friction operation and a long lifespan.

Compact Pneumatic Cylinders

Compact pneumatic cylinders are smaller than standard pneumatic cylinders. They take up around 50% less space than a standard model but still manage to exert the same force. Important parameters for the proper selection of a compact cylinder can be broken up into general, dimensional, performance, features and materials.

We have two different models of compact pneumatic cylinders, which are the MCGI Series and the MCJQ Series.

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinders

Rodless pneumatic cylinders have started to become a more popular component within the manufacturing process.

A rodless pneumatic cylinder works by the piston moving within a cylinder bore that is driven by compressed air to automate a manufacturing process. It’s engineered to perform as a self-contained linear actuator that offers improved flexibility.

Pneumatic Cylinder Accessories

At Matara UK, we not only supply and manufacture pneumatic cylinders, but we also produce pneumatic cylinder accessories too.

These include Clevises such as male/female, rear and offset variations, as well as flange mounts, flow controllers, foot brackets, and reed switchers.

Contact Matara for Pneumatic Cylinders

To speak to a qualified expert at Matara about our types of pneumatic cylinders and how they can benefit your application, contact us on 01684 850000 or email us at sales@matarauk.co.uk.

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MCRPM Series Magnetically Coupled Rodless Cylinder


MCRPMD Series Magnetically Coupled Rodless Cylinder


MCRPMS Series Magnetically Coupled Rodless Cylinder

Product Code: MINDMAN MHB*

MHB* Series Pneumatic Booster

MHPD other Mindman Cylinders
Product Code: MINDMAN MHPD

MHPD Series Power Cylinder

Product Code: MINDMAN MCQA

MCQA Series


MCQA-AH Series Air Oil Converter

Product Code: MINDMAN MCQN

MCQN Series

Product Code: MINDMAN MCKQI2

MCKQI2 Series Non Rotate

Product Code: MINDMAN MCJA

MCJA Series Compact Cylinder


MCKJQ Series Compact Cylinder

Product Code: MINDMAN MCJQ2

MCJQ2 Series Compact Cylinder

Product Code: MINDMAN MCJU

MCJU Series Compact Cylinder

Product Code: MINDMAN MCFA

MCFA Series Compact Cylinder

Product Code: MINDMAN MCFB

MCFB Series Compact Cylinder

Product Code: MINDMAN MCMA

MCMA Series Roundline Cylinder

Product Code: MINDMAN MCMB

MCMB Series Roundline Cylinder


MCKMB Series Non-Rotate Roundline Cylinder

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