Pneumatic Grippers

Here at Matara UK, we’re able to produce a wide range of pneumatic gripper cylinders, including parallel and angular gripper cylinders. Parallel gripper cylinders are the most popular and widely used type of gripper cylinder, and this is due to their ability to work within a variety of applications.

Shop our range of pneumatic gripper cylinders and benefit from a range of features that will improve your overall performance and automation. These features include jaws with a higher gripping potential than a human hand can offer, while also remaining lightweight enough that they can be used in even the smallest of spaces.

What are Pneumatic Gripper Cylinders?

Pneumatic grippers make use of compressed air to operate their jaws, which are also referred to as fingers. They work similarly to a human hand by holding, gripping and moving an object into a set position.

They’re commonly used in automation processes in which items of all shapes and sizes are moved around by robots to the most suitable location. This makes pneumatic gripper cylinders perfect for use in pick-and-place applications.

Matara’s Range of Pneumatic Grippers

At Matara, we have a wide variety of pneumatic grippers, including MCHC Series, MCHW Series, MCHT Series, MCHA Series, as well as parallel grippers in sizes ranging from 6mm up to 25mm bores.

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MCHT Series Pneumatic Grippers

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MCHW Series Pneumatic Grippers

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MCHY Series Pneumatic Grippers

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