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Shock Absorbers

Pneumatic shock absorbers are self-contained devices that use compressed air, or even oil, under pressure to provide a dampening effect when moving loads with pneumatic or hydraulic action. As a result of this, they are widely used in a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Pneumatic shock absorbers, also sometimes referred to as air cylinder shock absorbers, work by moving the compressed air or pressurised oil through a series of internal vales to reduce the flow. This then converts the kinetic energy of a load, and as such, dampens the impact of the movement taking place.

Where are pneumatic shock absorbers used?

Pneumatic shock absorbers are used in an array of applications, including in automation control, robotics, pumps and motors, linear actuator systems, vibration control and pneumatic cylinders.

To find out more about pneumatic shock absorbers or discover which type of shock absorber is best suited to your application, speak to one of our helpful team.

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Product Code: MINDMAN MD*C

MD*C Series Shock Absorber

Product Code: MINDMAN MA*

MA* Series Shock Absorber

Product Code: MINDMAN MHR

MHR Series Hydraulic Speed Controller

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