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Bespoke linear rails from Matara

Bespoke linear rails from Matara

Linear rail actuators are used widely in industrial settings, from transporting heavy loads around a factory floor to gantry robots for packaging and manufacture, as well as being used widely with machine tools. However, an off-the-shelf option doesn’t necessarily offer the flexibility to provide the specific attributes required by such a vast array of a linear rail actuators in the broad range of settings and applications that they are employed. Matara are in a unique position to be able to supply bespoke linear rails and linear rail actuators to suit just about any environment or application. Find out more below.

Why opt for a linear rail actuator?

Linear rail actuators are the equivalent of a rodless actuator, only they use a linear rail as the motion guide instead of a solid body. The load bearing carriage travels along the rail to deliver a load in a single direction. The main benefits of opting for a linear rail solution are that they offer axial stability throughout the journey of the load, they are extremely accurate and provide smooth movements, which is vital to intricate operations such as in the manufacture of very small parts. Linear rail actuators also work with very little noise and can cater for specialist options such as wide or heavy loads or confined spaces. Bespoke linear rails take these benefits a stage further, allowing a processing plant to design an actuator set-up that not only does the job required specific to the manufacturing cell or process, but with a linear rail that is also suited to the environment, load and job in hand.

Bespoke linear rails from Matara

Matara hold a range of linear rails in stock for linear rail actuator applications. We can take the details of your application and match the most suitable linear rail, and provide you with a bespoke linear rail cut to your exact length requirements. Our range of linear rails available to be transformed into bespoke linear rails include:

MSA Series for heavy loads – designed with high rigidity in mind and a four-way equal load capability.
MSB series for compact linear rail actuators – a compact version of the MSA linear rail, this option provides high rigidity and four-way load as well as low noise output, but in a compact size.
MSC/MSD series for miniature linear rail applications – designed with ultra-compact solutions in mind for applications with limited space.
MSG series of wide linear rails – this solution offers a wide rail with a high torque resistance, providing both high precision and high stability.
SME series of ball chain linear rails – the design of this linear rail ensures a smooth and quiet solution with self-alignment capabilities.
SMR series for roller type linear rails – designed for ultra-heavy loads and offering ultra-high rigidity, this linear rail has a low noise output and smooth movement.
MSR series roller type linear rails – designed for ultra-heavy loads and rigidity, this linear rail is optimised for a four-directional load.

Matara have an exclusive relationship with PMI, a world-leading manufacturer of linear rails built to our exacting requirements. The accuracy and quality of the rails we supply are extremely high, often far exceeding the industry standards laid out for most industries.
Our bespoke linear rails are interchangeable with other manufacturers’ products, as well as being perfectly aligned with the range of linear rail actuators available from Matara.

For more information on bespoke linear rails for your linear rail actuator solution, talk to the experts at Matara on 01684 850000.

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