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How Matara has the capabilities to produce fully bespoke cylinders

How Matara has the capabilities to produce fully bespoke cylinders

How Matara has the capabilities to produce fully bespoke cylinders

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Since Matara’s inception over 24 years ago, the design and manufacture of bespoke pneumatic cylinders have been at the very heart of the business. As Matara has continued to grow, so have the capabilities and facilities to produce high-quality products with fast lead times and competitive prices.

As leading pneumatic cylinder manufacturers and suppliers, we are known industry-wide for our bespoke pneumatic cylinder products. If you require a custom pneumatic cylinder in a hurry, Matara offers one of the most rapid services available. Not only are our bespoke cylinders built to ISO9001:2015 certified standards, but we can typically turn them around on a same-day basis to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

All this is made possible thanks to a combination of unparalleled experience and expertise. Our experience in the field of pneumatics has been finely tuned over more than a quarter of a century of trading, with many more years of collective experience shared across our knowledgeable team. We work closely with our customers to understand their application requirements and provide a custom pneumatic cylinder to suit.

Bespoke pneumatic cylinders

uploads - Machine-shop-photo-9.jpgTechnology also plays a major factor in our pneumatics prowess. Our 29,000-square-foot factory complex at Tewkesbury Business Park contains no fewer than five HAAS CNC machines – one of the largest builders of CNC machines in the world. We choose HAAS machines because they’re the best. They enable us to machine custom pneumatic cylinders with incredible speed and precision to the highest quality standards.

Matara offers a wide range of highly customisable pneumatic cylinders, including rodless pneumatic cylinders and VDMA pneumatic cylinders. Amongst our same-day cylinder options, we can supply profile and tie ISO 15552 rod cylinders, compact ISO 21287 cylinders, and stainless steel roundline mini ISO cylinders. Our technical team can talk you through your options and provide the ideal solution for your application.

Why choose Matara?

Matara is a trusted specialist in automation, pneumatics and linear motion. Our superior range of pneumatic and linear automation products is backed by unrivalled technical expertise, exceptional value and a passion for delivering the finest customer service available. Engineering excellence is in our DNA, from our sales team to our machine engineers. Which means we can deliver full turnkey solutions for a wide variety of industries.

As a privately-owned company, we offer a number of advantages that larger companies simply cannot compete with. Our customers enjoy direct access to key personnel, which shortens the lines of communication and makes for a more efficient and personalised experience. Plus, with our rapid manufacturing capabilities and convenient location just off the M5 in Gloucestershire, we offer shorter lead times for total convenience.

Over the years, Matara has reinvested at every opportunity to ensure the continual growth of its facilities. Recently, Matara added a brand new storage facility to its existing 29,000 sq.ft factory. One of the most impressive investments is the introduction of a HAAS DS30SSY, which allows machining of both ends of the pneumatic cylinder rod, without needing to remove the material. This addition has lead to improved overall speed and efficiency of the cylinder building process which has enabled Matara to offer short lead times even on the largest of projects.

Away from the factory floor, Matara has invested heavily in its technological and research & development facilities. Firstly, Matara has expanded its CAD Design team, allowing the ability to offer valuable knowledge and support to customers at all stages along the sales and manufacturing process. Secondly, this year has seen the introduction of a brand-new E-commerce store, making it easier than ever for customers to specify bespoke pneumatic cylinders at the click of a button.
Furthermore, Managing Director, David Chanin, adds that “the unveiling of a brand new website this year has put Matara in a unique position to offer bespoke cylinders specified to the mm online, whilst having the capability to build them the same day.”

For more information about our bespoke pneumatic cylinder products, or to discuss your application requirements in more detail, contact Matara today on +44 (0) 1684 850000 or sales@matarauk.co.uk.

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