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Matara UK COVID-19 Statement

We would like to inform our customers that in light of the government announcement on 23.03.2020, Boris Johnson communicated that a huge national effort is required to halt the spread of the coronavirus and that it is vital that we take steps now to slow the speed of the virus.

Matara’s core business is the supply of component parts that are used in the packaging, food processing and pharmaceutical industry (Pneumatic Cylinders, Rodless Cylinders, Rail & Ballscrew).

Today we have received communication from the PPMA advising us that as a company operating in this sector we have a critical role to play and have been classed as an essential supplier and that as such we should take a “business as usual approach” in line with public health guidelines for key workers. Furthermore, we have also sought further confirmation from our local MP as to our operating status.

As a company, we are still extremely mindful of firstly protecting our employees and as such we are taking the decision to close down all but essential production. However, we will offer a breakdown service to ensure that key products such as Pneumatic Air Cylinders, Rodless Pneumatic Cylinders, Bespoke Ballscrews and Linear Rail are available.

We will only offer a limited service and it will be purely for essential products which are required to keep the aforementioned industries and their production equipment operational.

Matara will stagger a very small number of production operatives in its Machine Shop / Assembly Shop and these operatives will also pack anything urgently required.

This decision will be reviewed on a daily basis and in line with any new government directives.

We would like to apologise to customers who have open orders with us, for any delays they will now experience. However, I am sure that in the current climate everyone understands our position.

Yours sincerely,

David Cox-Chanin
Managing Director of Matara UK Ltd

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