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Using aluminium profile to build the perfect modular workspace

Using aluminium profile to build the perfect modular workspace

Aluminium extrusion is ideal for creating workspaces, particularly in environments where hygiene is important, such as in food preparation, healthcare settings or hospitality.

With the Covid pandemic creating a need for safe, hygienic workspaces that can be easily deep cleaned and regularly disinfected, modular workspaces have become a standard requirement, particularly in hospitality sectors that wish to serve the public but keep both customers and employees safe. Using aluminium extrusion profiles as part of a modular workspace build makes this kind of environment easy to construct, hygienic to work with and straightforward to clean. We take a look in more detail at the benefits of modular workspaces, how they work and how they rely on aluminium profiles.

What is a modular workspace?

Find out why aluminium extrusions are ideal for modular workspaces.A modular workspace is a combination of highly customisable and re-usable furniture and fittings. They are designed with flexibility in mind so that they can be adjusted to fit the current business needs but can also be re-purposed or reconfigured when those needs change. Matara offer a modular workstation option, saving the need for you to design your own structure and therefore making construction and fitting even simpler. It consists of a combination of aluminium profiles, laminated worktops and some standard components. The way it works is that the customer specifies which parts are required along with how many of each type, and these can then be bolted together in various configurations. They arrive flat-packed and are easily assembled with simple tools.

What are the advantages of modular workspaces?

Find out why aluminium profiles are so popular.Hygiene: Aluminium is often the material of choice in healthcare and food processing plants; it is odourless and impermeable and therefore non-toxic. Both the aluminium extrusions and the work surfaces in a modular workspace can be wiped down easily, and, if necessary, stripped back for a deep clean and decontamination process; ideal for clean rooms and bio-medical applications. Aluminium extrusion is also corrosion resistant; the metal forms a layer of aluminium oxide almost immediately when it comes into contact with the air. This aluminium oxide layer is very tough and prevents the aluminium underneath from corroding.

Covid-19 free environment: Matara also offer a COVID-19 sneeze guard which can be incorporated for extra protection. This sneeze guard is a polycarbonate panel that can be free standing or bolted down and in used multiples to form a screen. Protecting customers and staff from Covid 19 and helping to enforce social distancing, this screen is ideal for hospitality settings.

Cost-effectiveness: Modular workspaces offer a cost-effective solution for several reasons. Firstly, the materials chosen, such as the aluminium extrusion profiles, can be cleaned and wiped down regularly with no adverse effects, making them extremely hard wearing and long lasting with no need for replacement. Also, because the workspace is modular, it can be disassembled, moved and rebuilt in either the same or a slightly different construction for use elsewhere, meaning that it is both flexible and re-usable.

If you are looking for a way to create a workstation that will allow your business the flexibility to respond to seasonal or customer demand or the ability to increase or decrease the number of staff and workspaces as required, then a modular workstation is the ideal solution. Perfect as a way of serving customers in a hygienic, safe manner as we continue to fight a global pandemic, a modular workstation will not only give you peace of mind but would also be a long-term investment as it can be re-purposed at a later date. For more information on modular workstations, contact Matara on 01684 850000 or email sales@matarauk.co.uk.

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