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How to install and uninstall a Ball Nut on a Ball Screw

Take a look at the above video for step by step instructions on how to install and uninstall a ball nut on to and off of a ballscrew. As shown in the video, it is important to use a mandrel in this process, in order to keep the ball bearings inside the ball nut housing. Furthermore, when un-packaging your ball nut for the first time it is crucial that you do not remove or discard of the mandrel, as losing ball bearings from your ball nut can be detrimental to its performance.

Do not panic, however, if you have misplaced any ball bearings, Matara offer a re-balling service. If you would like to find out more about our range of ball screws and ball nuts, or to organise a re-balling of your ball nut, please contact our friendly expert team.


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