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Rodless Pneumatic Cylinders

Here at Matara UK, we are proud to be experts in the design and manufacture of rodless pneumatic cylinders. Our Gloucestershire-based manufacturing plant spans over 29,000 sq.ft and features an array of impressive machinery that can design and deliver bespoke pneumatic cylinders for all applications.

What is a rodless pneumatic cylinder?

Pneumatic cylinders play a very important role in achieving maximum productivity and performance in automated manufacturing applications. As technology has evolved, rodless pneumatic cylinders have started to play a major role in the manufacturing process.

A rodless pneumatic cylinder works by the piston moving within a cylinder bore that is driven by compressed air to automate a manufacturing process. Unlike a traditional rod-type cylinder, the rodless pneumatic cylinder is engineered to perform as a self-contained linear actuator that offers improved flexibility.

What applications best suit rodless pneumatic cylinders?

Rodless pneumatic cylinders suit a variety of applications, including:

  • Automated manufacturing processes
  • Processing and packaging of products
  • Warehousing
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical production
  • Food and beverage production

Rodless pneumatic cylinders with same-day dispatch

Are you looking for a pneumatic cylinder supplier with the capability and capacity to manufacture fully bespoke rodless pneumatic cylinders that suit your application? Our expert team can manufacture a full range of standard guided, unguided, braked and custom rodless pneumatic cylinders at out HQ, nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds.

We can manufacture rodless pneumatic cylinders in stroke lengths of up to 6 meters, in bore sizes from 16Ø > 63Ø. We have the capacity and capability to manufacture and ship all sizes on a same-day basis, eliminating costly downtime. We can also provide precision-guided models as duplex and high-temperature units.

Speak to our expert team by calling +44(0) 1684 850 000 or email and one of our helpful team will be in touch to discuss your application requirements.

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