Ballscrews and End Supports

Matara stocks a wide range of rolled & ground linear ball screws and end supports from TBI Motion. Of all the types of screws used for motion within the industry, linear ball screws provide unique benefits compared to other standards.

What are Ball Screws?

Ball screws are mechanical devices used to produce a linear motion from rotational motion. These highly efficient and supremely economical devices are the standout part when it comes to screws used for motion control and carries many benefits for applications where the performance required exceeds those of a lead screw.

Benefits of linear ball screws

Struggling to decide whether ball screws are the device for your application. Here are four of the aim benefits of using ball screws in your future applications.

  • High Efficiency – With ball screws relying on point contact to support a load, as opposed to line contact, less friction is produced during use. This means that ball screws typically operate at a minimum of 90 per cent efficiency, which makes them an optimal choice in converting rotary motion into precision linear motion.
  • Load Capabilities – Due to recirculating balls supporting the load, ball screws have a higher load capacity than lead screws of a similar size. A part of what makes ball screws versatile in so many industries is their ability to carry remarkably heavy loads at fast, efficient speeds.
  • Cost-Efficient – In the long run, ball screw systems can prove to be a cost-effective alternative to pneumatic or hydraulic systems, which require constant electrical and air power.
  • Rapid Delivery – Matara can machine both ends of a linear ball screw, turn, thread and mill within two hours.

Importance of end supports

End supports are more than just an accessory; they are vital to the performance of linear ball screw assemblies. There are two primary variations of end supports for a linear ball screw.

  • Simple or Floating Support – used for a single ball bearing to support the ball screw assembly against radial loads
  • Fixed Support – used for angular contact thrust bearings to counteract axial and radial forces contacting the ball screw.

When it comes to applications that are reliant on linear ball screws, a high tolerance end support is required to ensure quick deliveries. Here at Matara, we have a range of end supports that meet the needs of our linear ball screws and housings that are precision manufactured to meet device requirements.

For more information on linear ball screws and end supports, you can speak to one of our technical experts. Contact us online or call us today on 01684 850000.

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SFH/ SFNH Series Rolled or Ground Ballscrew

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DFS Series Ground Ballscrew

OFV/DFV Series Ground Ballscrew

SCNH Series Rolled or Ground Ballscrew

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DFM Series Ground Ballscrew

SFM Series Rolled or Ground Ballscrew

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OFU Ground Ballscrew

OFU/DFU Series Ground Ballscrew

OFI/DFI Series Ground Ballscrew

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SFNI Series Rolled Ballscrew

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